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Welcome to Gurukul

Unveiling a Sanctuary of Knowledge and Enlightenment

About Us

Welcome to Gurukul

A meticulously perfect blend of modern amenities and traditional spiritual simplicity. Experience the transformative power of Ancient Vedic Teachings in this sacred sanctuary, where thousands of pilgrims from around the world gather to immerse themselves in a clean, pure, and sacred atmosphere. We focus on cultivating an environment that embraces both the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and the needs of modern life. With a commitment to upholding values and instilling integrity, Gurukul strives to empower individuals to become compassionate, responsible global citizens.

Join us at Gurukul and embark on a transformative journey where the richness of Ancient Vedic Teachings intertwines with the serenity of nature, creating a sacred space for self-discovery, growth, and connection with the divine.


Our Mission

At Gurukul, we hope to provide a holistic and transformative educational experience rooted in ancient Indian wisdom and values. We aim to nurture the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of our students, fostering a love for learning, critical thinking, and integrity. Through rigorous academics, character building, and experiential learning, we strive to empower compassionate and responsible global citizens who contribute positively to society and embrace diversity.

Our Vision

Our vision at Gurukul is to be a leading educational institution to integrate modern knowledge with traditional wisdom. We aspire to create an inclusive learning environment where students explore their potential, embrace their talents, and understand their cultural heritage. By blending academic rigor with a values-based education, we aim to develop future leaders who are socially conscious, environmentally aware, and capable of addressing global challenges with ethical decision-making and a commitment to positive change.



Our students, alumni, and parents eloquently capture the profound impact of Gurukul on their lives, speaking of a transformative journey that encompasses not only academic excellence but also spiritual growth, cultural immersion, and the cultivation of moral values.

Sri Ganeshdas Bhaktamali Veda Vidyalaya, Shri Jadkhor Godham, Via-Pahalwara, Post- Guhana, Dist- Bharatpur (Rajasthan) 321206

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