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Admission Guidelines

Admission Entry Level – Class: 6th to 12th 

Stream Offered (11th & 12th): PCM, PCB, Commerce 

Required Documents

  • Copy of the student date of birth certificate
  • Student's Aadhaar Certificate
  • School Progress Report/Marksheet
  • Give a Health certificate from a certified medical practitioner
  • 3 Recent/contemporary passport size photographs

Gurukul Admission Methodology

After the primary selection through the viva test, there will be a further two-stage admission process. Second stage- test inspection. Third phase – Final admission. This process is given below. 

1Oral Examination

We held a viva oral examination for the students who live far away from the school via online mode. School teachers will conduct viva through video calls on WhatsApp or Telegram (preferably on Telegram). All you need is a mobile phone, wearing earphones.

Students from nearby districts like Mathura, Delhi, Agra, Bharatpur, Mathura, etc., can come directly to the school and give a viva test. The online oral test is not required for them. 

Be prepared for viva examinations with your date of birth, gotra, private, and the type of Brahmin you are (i.e., Kanyakubj, Sharayupari, Gangapari, etc.).

2Trial Phase

Because neither the parents nor the students have seen the school, students will be given 15 to 60 days (about 2 months) of experience at Gurukul to understand the school. (There will be no charges during this inspection period.)

This phase is created after keeping the students in mind as some students do not want to stay away from home, come back, and keep crying.

So, we conduct this trial to check 

  • The ability of the student to learn
  • Whether the student has a strong desire to study
  • Whether he shows readiness to study
  • How is his behavior
  • Whether he can live together with other students in the hostel

The student has to continue in the school till the 12th standard, following the traditional celibate vow. So, we observe their favorable mentality and capability for such a long stay through tests and inspection.

Also, parents share with everyone that their son is at Gurukul for further education, but if for some reason, the child did not like the school, could not stay, or does not want to stay, then the final approval is not given by the school, then the child returns home. So, this inspection can save you from the situation of humiliation, avoiding any publicity while sending the child to the school for preliminary test inspection.

To see some Sanskrit education and culture and to see the school, the child has been sent to Ved Vidyalaya to see the possibility of admission. - It would be enough to say this much, which is also true.

At the time of test inspection, the student will be given specified readings on the basis of which he will be tested.

3Third phase

The third is Gurukul joining phase for the student who has passed the second phase.

Students will receive traditional clothes, copper food utensils, books, study materials, garlands for worship rituals, etc., in the school, charged Rs.4000/-.

It is a security amount as all this financial expenditure goes in vain if the student returns home after a few days because most of these things cannot be given to others and are discarded/thrown.

All the hard work & financial expenditure on the child for so many days go in vain if the student goes home after all the tests and inspections for reasons like those shared below.

  • Because of students' own arbitrariness.
  • Unable to live after being separated from home.
  • In case the family members are also unable to leave the student.
  • Because of the strange behavior of the student
  • By not putting his mind to the study for which the child has come to the school
  • Due to not making necessary progress in studies - if the student goes home for such reasons, parents take him home, or he is sent home by the school.

As a precaution in such situations, parents have to deposit a security amount of 20k in advance, which is fully refundable after the student completes his studies. 

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