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Discover the Path of Wisdom and Transformation at Gurukul

काक: चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, श्वान निद्रा तथैव च। अल्पाहारी, गृहत्यागी, विद्यार्थी पंचलक्षणम् ॥


About Our Gurukul

Experience the transformative power of Ancient Vedic Teachings in this sacred sanctuary. Shri Ganeshdas Bhaktamali Ved Vidyalaya is a spiritual haven at the heart of Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Thousands of pilgrims come from all corners of the Earth for a clean, pure, and sacred atmosphere as well as abundant, beautiful gardens. We have created a perfect blend of modern amenities and traditional, spiritual simplicity. The soothing presence of nature combined with the wisdom of the ancient scriptures fosters a deep connection with the divine. We cultivate a harmonious and supportive community of like-minded individuals on the path of spiritual awakening.

What And How We Work

Shri Ganeshdas Bhaktamali Ved Vidyalaya is known as an excellent institution for teaching Vedas and Sanskrit, since 2017, operated by Shri Golok Vrindavan & maintained by Malook Peeth Seva Sansthan Trust, Vrindavan. This institute is under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), Noida, conducts the 10th and 12th examinations of the school students. For admission, students have to follow proper procedures.


Viva Test

Students residing at distant locations can take oral examinations through video calls on WhatsApp or Telegram. And local students can visit the school premises for viva tests. No need for the online oral test! Students must know their date of birth, gotra, pravar, and the type of Brahmin they are, i.e., Kanyakubj, Sharayupari, Gangapari, etc


Test Stay at Gurukul

We give 15 to 25 days to test the student's ability & strong desire to learn, his behavior, etc. Our students have to follow the traditional celibate vow till the 12th standard. So, this free, primary test observation is necessary to ensure a favorable mentality and capability for such a long stay. Students' abilities will be seen through tests and inspection.


Students get traditional clothes, copper food utensils, books, study materials, garlands for worship rituals, etc. We charge Rs.4000/- for all these as if the student returns home after a few days, most of these things cannot be given to others, they have to be discarded/thrown & all this financial expenditure goes in vain.

Our Activities

Full Standard Academic Education

Our effective teaching methods, interactive learning materials, & assessments foster intellectual growth and academic excellence among students. NIOS conducts all the 6th to 12th examinations, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education.

Ancient Vedic Knowledge & Traditions Training

With our lectures, discussions, & practical approach to sacred scriptures, including the Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad Gita, they understand Vedic philosophy, rituals, meditation techniques, and spiritual practices passed down through generations.

Moral and Value-Based Education

Through storytelling, discussions, and real-life examples, students are exposed to ethical principles, compassion, empathy, integrity, and social responsibility, encouraging them to cultivate positive character traits & a strong moral compass.

Turn Lightless Eyes into Bright, Shining Eyes at Gurukul

Give your child something more than an academic education. Train them to be cultural ambassadors, carrying with them—wherever they go—the deep values and culture of honesty, integrity, purity, piety, dedication, and selflessness. Inculcate your child with values, ethics, and spirituality, which will make them torchbearers of Indian culture as well as productive members of society

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Our students, alumni, and parents eloquently capture the profound impact of Gurukul on their lives, speaking of a transformative journey that encompasses not only academic excellence but also spiritual growth, cultural immersion, and the cultivation of moral values.

Sri Ganeshdas Bhaktamali Veda Vidyalaya, Shri Jadkhor Godham, Via-Pahalwara, Post- Guhana, Dist- Bharatpur (Rajasthan) 321206

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